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JR, aka Jesi, is the PFWA’s Chief Information Officer. Her formal education was in Information Systems and Technology with a minor in Business, but her passion has always been for all things literary. Outside of PFWA, Jesi is the founding editor of Crimson Melodies Publishing – a micro-press for dark-fantasy with heart. When not editing, reading, or attempting to uncover all the writer groups in Greater Philadelphia on behalf of the PFWA, Jesi is a writer, a Dungeons and Dragons Role-Player, and small business technology consultant. There aren’t enough hours in the day, but she works with what she has and one day hopes to be able to publish her own book alongside the authors she’s proud to work with.

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Weekly Round-Up March 9

Our Initiatives

Fan-Fiction Initiative Continues Through April

April is Poetry Month

Upcoming Events

April 19: Democratizing Fiction
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May 3: Social Meetup
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Writing Craft and Publication

Characters and Characterization

Kill Your Darlings: How Game of Thrones can change your writing

The Varied Emotional Stages of Writing

Top Three Reasons why Fiction Manuscripts Get Rejected

Top 10 Reasons I May Have Rejected Your Short Story

Creativitity is Neither Madness Nor Magic

On Being a Writer

The Overlooked Job of the Writer

On the Care and Feeding of Writers

Writers Don’t Make Much Money: The Struggle Continues

How to Avoid Homelessness and Starvation as a Writer

The Busy Person’s Guide to Reducing Stress

Writing Contests [Around the Web]

(note: linked contests and submission calls are not endorsed by the PFWA. These notifications are provided as a service to our viewers and subscribers. Before submitting, please review what rights, money, or other obligations are in question)

24-hour Short Story Writing Contest – Deadline April 26 ($5 to enter)

2014 Chapbook Contest | The New Michigan Press DIAGRAM – Deadline April 1 ($18 to enter)

Eaton Literary Agency’s Annual Awards Program – Short Story Deadline March 31 (free)

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PFWA Public Town Hall, currently @ Cosi (4th & Chestnut, Philly)

Everyone is invited out to offer insight, opinions, and expertise on PFWA’s direction over the next six months!

Want to see more events? More write-ins and workshops? How about any popular communal efforts like BigBang or April’s Poetry month?

We always love to hear from you, and today is your chance to do it in person. We hope to see you there – the weather is fantastic.

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Weekly Round-Up March 2

Writing Exercise

Describe One thing in Ten Ways

Upcoming Writers Conference

Pennwriters – May 16-18

Writing Contests / Submission Calls

(note: linked contests and submission calls are not endorsed by the PFWA. These notifications are provided as a service to our viewers and subscribers. Before submitting, please review what rights, money, or other obligations are in question)

Ploughshares – Emerging Writers Contest

Prairie Schooner Book Prize

From Around the Web

Write UnBoxed – Plan B (Or “What To Do When Things Go Wrong”)

Chuck Wendig – Time Again for your Penmonkey Evaluations

Writer UnBoxed – MFA vs NYC vs DIY

10 Compelling Unnamed Protagonists

10 Common Blog Writing Mistakes

7 Creative Proofreading Tips

Write To Done –  How to Complete Every Writing Project You Start

Glossary for Authors

The Author Chronicles – Fear of Change

7 Creative Proofreading Tips

How To Hire an Editor, pt 1 – Know What You Need

Book Rights and Licensing: An International Overview

The Question Mark is Shaped Like a Hook: Question Driven Plotting

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PFWA Intro to Fan Fiction CANCELLED

The Event for this afternoon (“Intro to Fan Fiction, March 8 @ 1pm”) has been CANCELLED due to the speaker falling ill. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Weekly Round-Up: February 23

Timely Feature on Fan Fiction
(have you checked out PFWA’s Fan Fiction Initiative?)

Publishers Are Warming to Fan-Fiction, but can it go Mainstream?

From Around the Web

Storytellers, All – “I was listening to the words and following the story of the song and began to think about how we—all of us humans—are storytellers…”

The Aggressive Work Ethic of Highly Creative People- “Imagine you knock on creativity’s door. It seems no one is home. So this is what you do … kick in the door.”

Beyond Dickens: Trends and Tech in Serial Fiction

Simple Ideas to Stimulate Creativity INFOGRAPHIC

The 12 Steps to Intimacy- “As a writer, how do you show these first six steps? Does your heroine retreat behind dark sunglasses? Does she get a thrill when his hand brushes her arm? You can develop any of these with dialog, internal monologue, or plot.”

A Protagonist’s Moment of Realization

Status as Character Calling Card- “The main character in a story will tend to have something about them that marks them out.”

How to Write Well: 10 Essential Self-Editing Tips

The Overlooked Job of a Writer

The Question Mark is Shaped Like a Hook: Question-Driven Plotting

Questions to Ask Your Prospective Literary Agent

The Ploughshares Round-Down: Waiting on a Job? Wait Better.

Raymond Chandler’s Ten Commandments for Writing a Detective Novel

Book Rights and Licensing: An International Overview for Authors

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Weekly Round-Up: February 16

Category : Weekly RoundUp

On The Web
Risky Business – “You know what I like to do for fun? Sit around and obsessively analyze the thoughtful, detailed, eloquent rejections my agent and I have received from editors.” –

Blitz Writing – Writing When There is no Time –

The Accident That Killed Me – “Thanks to a freak occurrence, I remember nothing of my first 22 years.” –

The Joy of Literary Destruction: Writers who broke all the rules –

The Author Chronicles: Practicing What I Preach –

Dealing With Setbacks – “In these days of relentless self-promotion, we authors generally avoid sharing our bad news.” –

The Terribleminds Holy Mother of God Lordy Lordy Hallelujah Guide to Creating Super Crazy Awesomepants Supporting Characters –

The Oddville Press Goes Live –

The Local Book Launch – “On January 18th I held a launch party for the final book in the Earth’s Pendulum trilogy, The Dreamt Child. I think it was a success. You may decide if you agree with me when this is finished.” –

A Protagonist’s Moment of Realization –

Become a Successful Writer Despite Your Friends and Family –

Make Trouble for Your Character –

Overcoming Object Love: How To Write Female Leads Who Are People –

Always Be Willing to Rewrite –

Plan-B, or What to do When Things Go Wring –

Submission Call
Dragonfly Art Magazine – “…seeks submissions of poetry, art, and photography…deadline March 3…” –

The Fire Works: coworking space launches in West Philly –

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Weekly Round-Up: January 19

Philly Submission Call

Don Ron Books: Submissions Wanted For “West Philly Fiction”

Happening In Philly

The Creative Cafe Opens in University City 

Upcoming Classes from Girl Develop It Philly


Stories That Kill: Seven Tips for Writing Crime

Lifehack: How To Write A Book And Actually Finish The Job

How To Build a Fictional World – Kate Messner via Passive Voice Blog

David Farland’s Daily Kick In The Pants – Plotting

Staying Motivated: 8 Writing Tools to Keep the Words Flowing

How Writers Can Stay Productive Even During Sick Days

It Takes the Time It Takes

The Secret to Writing a Best-Selling Novel

LitReactor – What’s In A Name

The #1 Tool to Make You a More Productive Writer


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  • [Wri-Mo Led] Writer Meeting
  • [Wri-Mo Led] Malvern Write-In
  • [Wri-Mo Led] Writer Meeting
  • [Wri-Mo Led] Malvern Write-In
  • [Wri-Mo Led] Writer Meeting
  • [Wri-Mo Led] Malvern Write-In

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